Indian Blends

India is known for some of the best grown teas in the world. From Darjeeling to the hills of the Nilgiri. We at The Good Life Company have carefully selected some of the best teas for you.
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Miracle Mint Herbal Tea
from Rs. 200.00
Kashmiri Saffron Kahwa Green Tea
from Rs. 299.00
Organic Green Tea
from Rs. 225.00
from Rs. 249.00
Kadak Masala Chai Premix
from Rs. 399.00
Bombay Cutting Chai Premix
from Rs. 399.00
English Breakfast Black Tea
from Rs. 240.00
Imperial Earl Grey Black Tea
from Rs. 225.00
Bai Mudan
from Rs. 599.00
Darjeeling Black
from Rs. 225.00
Assam Black
from Rs. 225.00