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Real Tea. Real Ingredients.

Finest tea leaves & exotic ingredients sourced from around the world
and masterfully blended in Europe. Shop Now

Finest tea leaves & exotic ingredients masterfully blended in Europe. Shop Now

Classic Instant Coffees

Made for mornings, inspiration and conversations. Shop Now

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How TGL is different?

Finest tea leaves sourced from the best plantations around the world/ from China, Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and India

Blended with dehydrated exotic fruits, flowers, spices by culinary experts and botanists in Europe.

Delicious, innovative, healthy tea blends with more than 8 ingredients.

Highest quality Arabica beans from award-winning coffee plantations over the world, including Ethiopia, Colombia, El Salvador, Perú, Brazil and India.

Coffees are micro-roasted once every two weeks to ensure the flavors are crisp, bright and fresh.

Freshly roasted beans ground to-order, and to the drinker’s preferred way of brewing with Mahlkonig EK43 Grinder.


  • amazon

    One of the best instant coffee I have tasted. Normally, I drink espresso at home but when I travel, I make sure that I am carry this instant coffee with me. Tip: Once opened, please put the pouch in an airtight container. Would order again, no question about it.  

  • amazon

    Very genuine product. Some time feel to purchase from amazon because of so many sellers in this online are bogus but this product make again can belive the amazon

  • amazon

    Very nice product and kept it’s standards to our expectations as published

  • amazon

    Very nice...subtly sweet tea...The product mentions leaves are from Chinese plantations. Will try their oolong next.

  • amazon

    This tea is one of the best at this price point, superior to most well established brands.

TGL Co. on a mission to make health an indulgence

TGL Co. is the fastest growing hot beverages startup in India that sources the finest quality teas and coffees from around the world with deep focus on natural, fresh and clean ingredients. Started in Oct 2016, the brand offers exotic tea blends and coffees which have become ubiquitous in most households especially in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi-NCR in India.

Discover our teas, coffees and more about our journey in the video here.

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