These treasured teas are for the connoisseurs. For the discerning ones. The ones who’ve gotten a taste of the best and will never be able to go back to ‘regular’ anymore.


These mild and flavourful teas are blended with naturally sweet fruits, flowers, spices and flavours to create a brew with a heady aroma and at the same time a very pleasing flavour profile.


Teas handcrafted to give you an essence of the best the world has to offer. Treat yourself to a luxurious holiday. It’s just a sip away.



TGL Co. Chili Romance Green Tea


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Handcrafted for the brave Indian palate,
this can most aptly be described as a Masala
Indian Green Chai with it’s infusion of
spicy notes and sweet undertones.


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Customer testimonials

Each TGL tea has a characteristic profile that uplifts your spirit in just the first sip, leaving you wanting for more.

- Ayesha Takia Azmi -

( Actress, Mumbai )

If you aren't a tea person, TGL Co. teas will make you one! By far the most innovative tea blends ever.

- Dino Morea -

( Fashion Model and Actor, Mumbai )

TGL Co. has laid a foundation for an evolutionary tea culture for the young India with their exotic tea blends.

- Abu Farhan Azmi -

( CEO - Infinity Hotels Pvt Ltd, Mumbai )

TGL Co. green box can be termed as the best alternative to conventional gifting. A mini but comprehensive tea starter kit in an adorable packaging.

- Sonal Chauhan -

( Fashion Model & Actress, Mumbai )

These heady brews and their mesmerizing aroma lure you from afar just to be surpassed by its heavenly taste.

- Pooja Bhatt -

( Model, Film Maker & Actress, Mumbai )

This is what is known as - 'taking it to the next level! ' Tea has truly been redefined by TGL Co and their fabulous tea blends.

- Sonu Sood -

( Actor, Mumbai )

TGL Teas have the exciting range of flavoured teas. TGL Co. is different because of the uniqueness of every flavor. The flavors play on the tongue like a harmonious pattern in perfect symmetry.  Each sip is electrifying with sweet notes that dance on the palette. Amongst all the teas, my personal favourite would be Strawberry and Champagne.

- Krutika Vernekar -

Totally amazed by the variety of tea blends they offer. Never knew there was so much to tea. With TGL Co. tea blends, one can actually taste the real fruit flavours along with the best loose leaf tea. Luxury in true sense! The brand lives up to its name and offers a good life experience without compromising on quality at any point.

- Umang Vakharia -

It was great to be introduced to a whole new world of teas with TGL Co.. Each of their blend has a unique story and distinct flavours that are so pleasing to the senses. Not to forget the attractive aroma. Highly recommend their Strawberry and Champagne blend. Best tea ever!

- Manoj Dodeja -

"Being a tea person I was so thrilled to receive the best tea in quality and flavour !! This sure is a very niche business yet to be explored and with flavours they've got, it sure will do great!"

- Avani Shah -