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TGL Co. Basket Tea Strainer

Convenient, cute and brews perfect cuppa tea.

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  • Description

    About Basket Tea Strainer:

    This cute Basket mesh with sturdy clamps is a convenient accessory to infuse loose leaf tea. The chain lets you suspend the mesh in a cup or pot of water while keeping it hooked at the rim of the utensil. Easy to carry and brews a perfect cup of tea.

    How to use

    1. Unclasp the basket top from the sides and add tea leaves in the basket.
    2. Close the lid and clasp it from the sides.
    3. Suspend the basket in mug /vessel and let the tea infuse.
    4. Remove the basket from the cup when brewed and enjoy the tea.
  • Details

    3.5 cm (dia) x 4 cm (h)
    Stainless Steel
    2-3g of tea