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Bestsellers Tea Sample

Order all our Bestsellers in one pack.

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10 Biodegradable Nitrogen Flushed Pyramid Teabags
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  • Description

    About Bestsellers Tea Sample:

    Order all our Bestsellers in one pack.

    1 x Mogo Mogo
    1 x Lemon Detox
    1 x Miracle Mint
    1 x Strawberry Cream
    1 x Orange and Mango Oolong
    1 x Kashmiri Saffron Kahwa
    1 x Darjeeling Black
    1 x Earl grey
    1 x Rose glow
    1 x High Mountain Oolong

  • Standard contents in this Box

    • mogo mogo mogo mogo
    • lemon detox lemon detox
    • miracle mint miracle mint
    • strawberry cream strawberry cream
    • orange and mango oolong orange and mango oolong
    • kashmiri saffron kahwa kashmiri saffron kahwa
    • darjeeling black darjeeling black
    • earl grey earl grey
    • rose glow rose glow
    • high mountain oolong high mountain oolong