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Bestsellers Tea Sample

Assortment of popular, most loved TGL Best-seller Teas

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10 Biodegradable Nitrogen Flushed Pyramid Teabags
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  • Description

    About Bestsellers Tea Sample:

    This sampler pack comprises of an assortment of teas sourced from finest plantations around the world, mixed with exotic dehyradated fruits, flowers, spices and other real ingredients. This pack contains 10 popular TGL Teas loved by our customers or rather, tea connoisseurs - packed in biodegradable pyramid teabags, sealed individually in nitrogen flushed sachets. Order all our Bestsellers in one pack.

    Contents: 10 N Pyramid Teabags (2g each)

    1 N x Mogo Mogo Teabag
    1 N x Lemon Detox Teabag
    1 N x Organic Green Teabag
    1 N x Strawberry Cream Teabag
    1 N x Orange and Mango Oolong Teabag
    1 N x Miracle Mint Teabag
    1 N x Darjeeling Black Teabag
    1 N x Imperial Earl grey Teabag
    1 N x Rose glow Teabag
    1 N x High Mountain Oolong Teabag

  • Standard contents in this Box

    • mogo mogo mogo mogo
    • lemon detox lemon detox
    • miracle mint miracle mint
    • strawberry cream strawberry cream
    • orange and mango oolong orange and mango oolong
    • organic green tea organic green tea
    • darjeeling black darjeeling black
    • earl grey earl grey
    • rose glow rose glow
    • high mountain oolong high mountain oolong