Monsoon Magic: 4 Teas to Supercharge Your Immune System


Monsoon Magic: 4 Teas to Supercharge Your Immune System

As the scorching summer heat gives way to the refreshing monsoon showers, it's time to embrace the change in season by revamping not only your wardrobe and routines but also your dietary choices, including the teas you indulge in. While monsoon is synonymous with indulging in decadent teas, it also presents an excellent opportunity to prioritize your health by consuming immune-boosting teas. The fluctuating temperatures and dynamic weather during this time can pose challenges to our immune systems. Fortunately, nature offers a remedy in the form of beverages like tea, perfectly suited to complement the monsoon weather. In this article, we will explore a variety of teas that possess the power to supercharge your immune system, providing you with the ultimate monsoon magic.

Teas for your immunity

In India, tea is produced in a variety of regions, each bringing its own twist to this magical beverage. Tea grows best in hot and humid climates, typically accompanied by high rainfall. Based on these regional variations and traditions, India has a wide selection of teas which are used for their medicinal, healing properties. Whether you prefer Kashmiri Kahwa, Darjeeling Black Tea or Assam Black Tea, each of these is packed with antioxidants and other rejuvenating properties. Consuming tea during the monsoon isn’t just good for your soul, but is also beneficial to your body and mind.


The arrival of monsoon also marks the arrival of flu season and other ailments like cough, sore throat and cold. Taking your wellness into consideration, this article breaks down four popular teas that will strengthen your immune system and aid your health.



Mint Tea:

When it comes to an invigorating and revitalizing beverage, mint tea takes center stage with its delightful taste that provides the perfect boost for your day. Unlike its traditional counterparts, mint tea doesn't actually contain tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Instead, it belongs to the category of herbal teas known as Tisanes, which are renowned for their medicinal properties. The addition of mint not only enhances the flavour of this tea but also amplifies its potency. It is naturally caffeine-free and can be enjoyed any time of the day. TGL Co’s Miracle Mint Herbal Tea is available in loose-leaf as well as tea bag formats. Mint tea offers a myriad of benefits, including stress and headache relief, as well as improvements in oral health.



Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile has been used for centuries for its healing properties and is infused in creams, soaps and medications for treating various conditions. Chamomile tea is prepared by brewing chamomile buds which are small daisy-like flower buds. Since it is caffeine-free, Chamomile tea is known to promote good sleep. It is also useful in reducing menstrual cramps and is a good aid for digestion. Chamomile is a gentle tea with a smooth aftertaste, making it a perfect nightcap. TGL Co. offers Pure Chamomile Bud tea bags which are free of additives. You can prepare high-quality chamomile tea in a matter of minutes using these convenient tea bags.



Kashmiri Kahwa:

Kashmiri Kahwa Tea is a traditional and aromatic beverage that originates from the picturesque valleys of Kashmir, India. This unique tea is crafted by blending delicate green tea leaves with an exquisite combination of Kashmiri saffron strands, rose petals, cardamom pods, cinnamon bark, and almonds. The result is a fragrant and flavorful concoction that is as delightful to the senses as it is beneficial to health. It aids digestion, lowers cholesterol and promotes heart health. You can find Kashmiri Saffron Kahwa Green tea bags on TGL Co’s website!



Ashwagandha Green Tea (Immune Warrior Tea):


Ashwagandha is a widely used herb in Ayurveda and has magical properties that can be used for a variety of treatments. One of the most common uses of this herb is infusing it with tea. When combined with other powerful ingredients like Green tea, Nutmeg, Star Anise, and Thyme, this tea is converted into a potent concoction that can boost your immunity and protect your health. Ashwagandha Green Tea is great for detoxifying your body which is a recommended ritual during every change in season. This can help you prepare your body for the changing weather and charge up your immunity. This tea is also a great stress reliever. The Immune Warrior Tea from TGL Co. is rich in Ashwagandha and is supported by other medicinal ingredients such as Green tea, Nutmeg, Star Anise, Thyme and more! It is available in both loose-leaf and tea-bag variants.



Monsoon, a season filled with magic and wonder, is enhanced by the rituals and routines we create to make it truly special. One such ritual is cultivating a monsoon-specific tea routine, featuring an array of beneficial and potent teas that can nourish your body, mind, and soul during the rainy season. Take a proactive approach towards your health by incorporating these teas into your lifestyle and stay one step ahead of the seasonal change this monsoon. TGL Co. offers a diverse selection of teas, each with its unique uses and benefits for every season, ensuring that you find the right fit for you! Indulge in this enchanting tea journey and unlock the wonders that monsoon has to offer.