Make The Perfect Tea Latte - 5 Tea Latte Recipes for A Tea Lover

Make The Perfect Tea Latte - 5 Tea Latte Recipes for A Tea Lover

Have you tried tea lattes? No, they're not the typical Indian teas made with milk! Tea lattes have become a worldwide sensation, gaining popularity in coffee shops, cafes and restaurants. Similar to a cafe latte, a tea latte uses a tea concentrate. You can use various kinds of tea brews and powders to craft your unique tea latte. Along with the concentrate, the latte uses milk, foam and the sweetener of your choice to complete this lip-smacking drink. Let's take a deep dive into the glorious world of tea lattes.

How to Make the Perfect Tea Latte

A tea latte sounds like a fancy drink but it is super simple to make. Start with the tea of your choice. The Good Life Company offers a wide variety of loose-leaf and tea bags to choose from! We have a special collection of Indian and international blends as well as premium-grade organic matcha! To make a tea concentrate, use double the amount of tea as compared to your standard tea recipes. This will give the latte its kick and will fill it with flavour. Steep your leaves or your tea bags for about 3-4 minutes. Remember not to over-steep your tea to retain its freshness and flavour.

Using a milk frother, froth your milk till you get a good layer of foam on top. The trick is to use a good quality milk frother. To your serving mug or glass, add the tea concentrate at the bottom. You can also make your lattes extra special by adding flavoured syrups and sweeteners to them. Lastly, add your frothed milk to the glass. By following this sequence, you'll get the cafe-style ombre effect that's visually appealing and will tempt you to sip on your latte. Enjoy this delicious drink by giving it a good stir. You can make your tea lattes hot as well as iced depending on your preference. You can also switch up the milk you use based on the type of tea to create perfect pairings!

5 tea latte recipes you have to try out!

  • Chai Latte
    Chai lattes are the classic tea lattes to get started. If you put a splash of milk in your everyday tea, then you are bound to love this drink. Here's how to make it!

    1. Take your favourite black tea and brew it in 150ml hot water for 2-3 minutes. Add spices like cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon to give the tea its innate 'chai-ness'.
    2. We recommend black teas like Masala Chai and Assam Tea from TGL Co. for their bold flavours.
    3. Use a good-quality milk frother to froth some milk until you get a layer of foam.
    4. For a hot tea latte, pour the brewed tea into your favourite mug. Add any sweeteners or syrups of your choice. To it, add the frothed milk and voila, it's ready!
    5. For a cooling drink, add some ice to a tall glass and follow this recipe to make a yummy iced chai latte.

  • Matcha Latte
    Matcha lattes are the world's favourite drink right now and you need to give it a try at least once! Check out the organic, premium-grade Matcha powder from TGL Co. to get started.
  1. Scoop about 2 gms of Matcha powder and add 100 ml of warm water to it.
  2. Use a bamboo whisk in a zig-zag motion to combine it until it froths.
  3. To your mug, add steamed or frothed milk along with the sweetener of your choice and pour your Matcha over it.
  4. For an iced version, add ice cubed to a tall glass, followed by cold milk, syrup and matcha!
  5. Enjoy your aesthetic, green ombre drink the way you like it!

Tip: Matcha's earthy taste pairs well with a lot of other ingredients. Combine it with some crushed strawberries to create a Pink Matcha Latte. You can also pair it with a shot of tea or coffee for that extra boost of caffeine!


  • Rooibos Tea latte
    Rooibos is a wonderful, caffeine-free tea that deserves your attention! Its beautiful red tinge will add a pleasant hue to your lattes, making you want more! Here is how to make this nutritious and delicious drink:

    1. Brew about two tsp of the TGL Co. Rooibos tea in 100 ml of water. Alternatively, you can steep 2 teabags to create a tea concentrate.
    2. Combine your milk with a dash of vanilla extract and the sweetener of your choice. Froth it well.
    3. To your mug add the frothed milk. Pour your tea concentrate on top. This will create a beautiful red swirl as it mixes with the milk.
    4. Follow this exact recipe by swapping out your mug for a tumbler with ice cubes to make a yummy Rooibos iced latte!


  • London Fog latte with Earl Grey Tea
    London Fog is the perfect drink to make on chilly mornings. It is a sweet beverage which also gives you that caffeine boost. London Fog uses Earl Grey Tea as its base. Let's see how to make it!
  1. Brew 2 tsp of TGL Co. Early Grey Tea in 150 ml of water to create an Earl Grey concentrate.
  2. Froth your milk with vanilla extract. You can also use steamed milk instead.
  3. Add your favourite sweetener to the cup. Pour over the Earl Grey concentrate and stir it.
  4. Top it off with your foamed milk. London Fog also tastes good as an iced latte if that's what you prefer!


  • Peppermint Tea latte

If you need a refreshing, yet comforting drink then Peppermint Tea Latte is the one you should try out! Here's the recipe:

  1. Brew 2 tsp of the TGL Co. Miracle Mint Tea in warm water.
  2. Froth or steam your milk as per your preference.
  3. To your cup, add the brewed tea and stir in the sweetener of your choice. Top it with milk and enjoy it hot!
  4. For a more refreshing version, try it iced by pouring your tea and milk over some ice cubes in a tall glass!

Get Started

Get experimental in your kitchen by trying out these tea latte recipes for yourself! Mix it up by pairing them with different ingredients to create your unique recipes. Browse the digital shelf of TGL Co. to get your teas and get started!