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TGL Co. Lemon Detox

Feel light and rejuvenated with your dose of daily detox!

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  • Description

    About Lemon Detox:

    Your dose of daily detox! A vibrant and healthy blend of green tea rich in anti-oxidants with a zing of Lemon which will cleanse your body and revive your mind, leaving you light and rejuvenated for the day.

    Tasting Notes:

    Citrus notes of lemon slices and lemongrass tingle your tastebuds on the first sip, immediately followed by mellow earthy tones of green sencha tea, lastly complemented with delicate floral aftertaste of calendual and everlasting flowers

    • Aroma: Bright citrus aromas of refreshing lemon captures you into an immersive experience balanced by floral notes of calendual and everlasting flowers
    • Complements: Chicken, Sandwiches, Baked meat, Whole wheat breads
    • Health Benefit*: Detoxification, Aids weight loss, Reduces inflammation
    • Caffeine Content: Medium
    • Appearance: Bright Yellow
    • *Ingredients included in the tea are known to contribute to the mentioned health benefits.

    Nutritional Information

  • Ingredients

    • green sencha tea green sencha tea
    • lemon slices lemon slices
    • lemongrass lemongrass
    • everlasting flowers everlasting flowers
    • calendula calendula
    • Allow 1 tsp of tea for each 150 ml of water
    • Bring the water to boil and then let it cool down to 70-80°C
    • Pour and leave to infuse for 2-3 minutes
    • Sieve and serve