Our Story


We source our tea leaves and exotic ingredients from the finest plantations across the world. Our tea blends are masterfully hand-crafted in Europe & India under the controlled supervision and guidance of Botanists and culinary experts, to offer a variety of exotic teas that are both tasty and healthy. With every brew and blend, we’re reviving the concept of tea and taking it places to where it has never been before. There are actually 3 things that set us completely apart from our competitors:

  1. Sourcing of tea leaves:
    Most players source their leaves from the Indian subcontinent - that's India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan. Nothing wrong with that! India is the second largest producer of tea but an Oolong leaf grows best in Taiwan. A white tea grows best in the Fujian province of China. The humidity, temperature, altitude, alkalinity in soil is optimal for these leaves to grow in these regions. So at TGL, instead of just limiting ourselves to the Indian subcontinent, we've also gone to China, Taiwan, Japan, Sri Lanka etc and sourced the finest leaves from these countries.

  2. Sourcing of ingredients:
    Most players source their ingredients locally - which is why the range is limited and quality is sub-optimal. At TGL, after we've got these leaves from around the world, we ship them to Europe to our contract manufactured blending facility wherein we mix our teas with dehydrated fruits, flowers and natural flavours in the presence of European botanists and culinary experts - botanists to ensure our blends are amazingly healthy and culinary experts to ensure the optimal taste!

    Which is why the ingredients we use are both unavailable and unheard of in the country - such as Barberries, Mallow petals, Schizandra Berries, Muira Puama, Thistle flowers, Osmanthus, etc.

    Apart from being amazingly tasty - most of these ingredients have medicinal values. We follow a streamlined central purchasing principle - source ingredients from locations they grow best - for example our barberries come from Iran, our Schizandra Berries from Russia, Muira Puama from the Amazon rainforest, Mangoes and Strawberries from India, etc.

  3. The blend overall:
    Most players have simple, conventional blends - Green tea with mint, Green tea with ginger, Green tea with rose, Earl Grey, English breakfast, Chamomile etc.

    A typical blend that TGL Co. offers is Green Sencha Tea mixed with mango, banana, melon, guava, sunflowers, cornflowers and Passion flower leaves.

    8 ingredients in one tea so it's extremely flavourful, extremely tasty, extremely healthy, has less than 6 calories a cup and is extremely high in quality because of our sourcing process.


Our team of coffee experts travels the world to sample and source some of the best coffee there is, directly from the plantations where they are grown and processed. Back home, our coffee masters then roast these beans to perfection and grind them to-order, using state-of-the-art equipment, to ensure vibrant and intense flavors of the bean permeate into every cup brewed. We stand apart from most coffee players by offering freshest coffees in retail segment.

  1. Sourced from the best plantations: Some of the best coffee in the world grows in high appellation regions - as high as 2000 ft above media sea level and anywhere between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn - and in places with rich tree shade and a desirable microclimate. These are the kinds of coffee that we seek out for our tightly curated collection. Our range includes the highest quality Arabica beans from the best placed coffee plantations world over, including Ethiopian Yirgachaffe, Colombian Excelso, El Salvador Santa Cristina, Peruvian Organic Coffee, Brazilian Santos and coffee from award-winning coffee estates in India.

  2. Expertly roasted beans:
    When you buy coffee off-the shelf, it is likely you are buying something roasted many months ago and hence, stale. The truth is that the best tasting coffee is the one that is made from a batch of recently roasted beans – the flavors are freshly extracted and hence, in prime form. TGL Indian coffees are roasted once every two weeks, and in small lots, to ensure the flavors are crisp, bright and intense, and for the good haul.

  3. Ground to-order:
    Pre-ground coffee rarely produces a cup that can match the complexity of the flavors and aromas that seep from a freshly ground lot. This is because from the moment the beans are ground, air starts to take effect.

    Most store-bought coffee is roasted many moons ago, and ground to a generic, industrial-standard. In a sharp contrast, we prefer and encourage grinding freshly roasted beans to-order, and to the drinker’s preferred way of brewing. This way, the coffee is exposed to minimal oxidative degradation and retains flavor better.