The Coffee Debate: Many reasons to say yes to your next cup of coffee

The Coffee Debate: Many reasons to say yes to your next cup of coffee

Coffee is a much-loved beverage that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. It can do wonders for anyone right from the first sip. Think of the aroma, the rich flavour and the unforgettable taste. How can one not want a cup right away? Whether you are a busy professional, a student, or a stay-at-home parent, coffee can be a great way to start your day or to get a boost of energy throughout the day.

It is estimated that the world consumes around 2.25 billion cups of this popular beverage per day, or approximately 830 billion cups per year. This makes coffee the second most consumed beverage in the world, behind only water.

The question is, is coffee good for health? Coffee lovers have faced this debate a million times. Even though everything naturally comes with pros and cons, this article breaks down the many reasons that support one's daily habit of drinking coffee. Coffee lovers, start taking notes!

How did coffee originate in India?

The origin of coffee can be traced back to Ethiopia before it spread across the globe. Legend has it, that the shepherd Kaldi from the kingdom of Kaffa in Ethiopia, chanced upon the energy boost of the coffee bean. During the 15th century, coffee found its place across various nations through trade routes. In many cultures today, drinking coffee is a daily ritual.

Coffee had reached India long before the East-India Company and other foreign rulers. The origin of coffee in the country dates back to the 1670s when Baba Budan, a Sufi saint, imported coffee beans from Yemen and planted them on the hills of Chikkamagaluru in Karnataka. After that, the production of coffee grew rapidly.

Today, the states of Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu are the country's top coffee producers. The gently sloping and fertile hills of these regions lend aromatic and delectable flavour to South-Indian coffees consumed worldwide.

Apart from South India, coffee is also grown in eastern India in the states of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. The seven sister states in the North-East also contribute to the production of coffee in our country. TGL Co. offers a variety of instant coffees and select Indian blends for everyone to taste the richness of the bold coffee flavour.


 Geeking out over coffee

There are many different types of coffee, each with its own unique flavour and characteristics. The type of coffee bean, the way its roasted and the brewing method, all play a role in determining the final taste of the coffee.

One popular type of coffee is Arabica, which is known for its fruity and floral notes. Another popular type is Robusta, which has a stronger, more bitter taste.

Whether brewing a cup from scratch or choosing the convenience of instant coffee, TGL Co. covers all its bases. Instant coffee is a remarkable beverage that can be created in minutes! It can instantly turn a home into an aromatic coffee shop! For people who love to add variety to their coffee habits, flavoured coffees are a must-try

TGL Co. offers vanilla, hazelnut and caramel instant coffees which are phenomenal pairings of flavours with the richness of coffee. They add notes of sweetness and nuance to the coffee.

Blending coffee with additional flavours has given birth to numerous delicious drinks. Think of French Vanilla Lattes, Hazelnut Lattes, Caramel Frappuccinos and many more. Pairing flavours with coffee opens up a whole new world of possibilities!

How does drinking coffee regularly benefit your health?

Small doses of caffeine can be good for the brain

Ever wonder how coffee gives that boost each morning? Well, caffeine is known to be a natural stimulant. It doesn't simply wake one up; it also boosts brain function. It can help with better memory retention, regulating mood and improving overall brain health.

Coffee can boost one's mood

Taking care of both the body and the mind, coffee is indeed a superfood! It is linked with a lesser risk of suicidal thoughts and is known to help with depression. Moreover, on a day-to-day basis, coffee can help in improving one's mood and reactions. It is a miraculous drink to consume throughout the day.

This beverage is rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants are highly beneficial to the body as they neutralise free radicals. This helps slow ageing, boost immunity, and protect the body from certain diseases. Coffee is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols and hydrocinnamic acids. Antioxidants help improve overall health, which is why drinking coffee should be given its due credit!

Coffee can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Drinking a couple of cups of coffee daily does more good than harm. These moderate amounts of coffee are linked with lowering the body's risk of heart-related diseases. It also keeps other coronary conditions and heart failure at bay. Thus, drinking coffee has the magical benefit of adding longevity to life.

It can help in better processing of sugar

Drinking coffee long-term has been associated with a lowered risk of Type 2 diabetes. Coffee helps a person in processing sugar better and regulates insulin production. Enjoy a couple of cups a day to reap these benefits. For best results, sugar can be substituted with sugar-free alternatives, or one can simply take their coffee black without additives!

Coffee can help in losing and managing weight

Research shows that coffee is beneficial for gut health and healthy fat storage in the body. Thus, it helps in managing body weight. For people who are on a mission to lose weight or want to manage it better, adding coffee to their health plan may be a good idea! One can consume two or three cups of coffee a day guilt-free, knowing that they are actually taking care of their health.

Drinking coffee boosts energy levels

Caffeine gives people that energy boost, making them feel more lively and energetic. It also increases adrenaline levels in the body, improving physical performance. Having enough caffeine makes people more likely to be active, work out and maintain their energy levels. A trusty cup of coffee can come in handy on those unmotivated days to hit the gym.

A moderate amount of coffee is good for the liver

Drinking moderate amounts of coffee, regular or decaf, promotes liver health. The enzyme levels in the livers of coffee drinkers are more often within the recommended range compared to non-coffee drinkers, according to research. Savouring their daily coffee becomes a delightful experience when people know they are taking care of their health.

Coffee is known to lower the risk of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's

Since coffee promotes brain activity, it also reduces the risk of neurological conditions such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Consuming a healthy dose of caffeine daily can protect people from several neuro-related diseases and keep their brains and body as strong as ever.

All's well that begins and ends with coffee!

Coffee is this celebrated caffeinated drink that is as packed with benefits as it is with flavour. This beverage has won the hearts of billions around the world by being such a versatile and yummy drink. Coffee starts conversations and is the ultimate drink to bond over. All its health benefits make it even more palatable and inviting. Check out the collection of coffees on the TGL Co. website to indulge in this everyday luxury!