Espresso Or Cappuccino? What's Your Coffee Personality?

Espresso Or Cappuccino? What's Your Coffee Personality?

Alternative Title: Which Coffee Personality Are You?
What your taste in coffee says about you!

Coffee drinkers are proud to be coffee drinkers. After all, it's an important part of our personalities. And why not? Coffee is a beverage that bonds people all over the world and deserves its own compartment in our complex identities.

But did you know that your preference in coffee can also speak volumes about your personality? A lot of research has been done in this field, and the results are interesting. Over 1,000 persons participated in a survey by Ramani Durvasula, a clinical psychologist, to determine the personality characteristics of various coffee users. There were significant correlations between the kind of coffee consumed and personality characteristics. The findings are backed by studies from body language specialists who found that the amount of caffeine we consume might reveal much about our emotions and self-worth.

This article examines different types of coffee and what they say about the drinkers who prefer them. Come, let's find out your coffee personality!

Instant Coffee

 Instant coffee has long been the go-to choice for busy individuals who don’t have the time or resources to brew a fresh cup of coffee. If you prefer instant coffee, you’re likely someone who values convenience and efficiency. You appreciate the quick and easy nature of instant coffee and don’t have time for anything that slows you down.



Espresso drinkers strive diligently in both their careers and relationships. They are goal-driven, born leaders. Additionally, they truly like the flavour of coffee! Their relationship with coffee is the purest as they come in for the bold, raw flavours.



If you prefer a cappuccino, you’re likely someone who enjoys balance and harmony. You appreciate the contrast between the foam and the espresso and enjoy the way they complement each other. You might be someone who likes to take a balanced approach to life, seeking harmony and avoiding extremes. 


Those who enjoy lattes are people-pleasers and comfort-seekers who will go over and beyond to assist others. Latte drinkers may get overworked and neglect their own needs as they are more concerned with impressing others, which has a negative effect.



Americano drinkers are responsible and relaxed, preferring the less complicated things in life. They are especially productive individuals. People who drink Americanos tend to be more easy-going and laidback, like their coffee!


Trendsetters with childlike characteristics typically drink sweet, frozen drinks like frappuccinos. Frappuccino drinkers are spontaneous and adventurous people who enjoy living in the now and trying new things.


Those who drink decaf prefer to be in charge. They worry a lot and are extremely sensitive. Decaf drinkers who are health-conscious place a strong emphasis on rules, structure, and authority.


Some individuals prefer their coffee black, yet they also enjoy a small tasty treat on the side. They appear to be happy, joyful, and fun-loving. They tend to be night owls and like having coffee as a treat after dinner. They like to go at their tempo and are always prepared to face the day head-on.

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee consumers are outgoing, spontaneous, and creative individuals who set trends. But they can also act impulsively and make poor decisions.

Ethically Grown Coffee

The price of specialty coffee can vary, depending on whether it is "fair trade," "cooperative-grown," or "ethical." According to a 2019 study, outgoing and conscientious people are more likely to pick ethically grown coffee, even if it is more expensive.


Mocha lovers are comfort seekers who enjoy being among people. They are lively, creative, and open. Like the hint of sweet chocolate in this coffee, Mocha drinkers have an amiable side that is fun to be around!

Specialty Order

You want to order a double shot, half-caffeinated, non-fat, extra foam, sugar-free vanilla latte with soy milk. Your coffee order reflects your demand for organisation! Individuals with particularly specific drink requests must be in charge. They may exhibit obsessive, egotistical, and perfectionist tendencies, with a strong emphasis on regulations.

While a simple coffee order can't break down your entire personality, certain traits go along with certain types of coffee. Use this guide as a fun game to try with your coffee-loving friends and check how true it stands for you! Drinking coffee is pleasurable and sets you apart from all non-coffee drinkers.

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