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TGL Co. Orange Fantasy Flavoured Coffee French Press Grind

Zingy, refreshing, and delicious; a reminder of everything that coffee can be. This is not instant coffee.

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Net Weight: 200 g / 7.05 oz
  • Description

    About Orange Fantasy Flavoured Coffee French Press Grind:

    While fruitiness is the dominant character in this coffee, you’ll enjoy it more for keeping your senses surprised. At once, the cup is bright and sweet, then dark and deep. The orange-coffee combination makes for a complex mouthful, as the zingy orange flavor skirts the dark, chocolatey coffee flavors in ebbs and flows. It’s crisp, slightly tannic, and all too intriguing.


    Coffee beans, Natural Orange Flavouring 4%

    Tasting Notes:

    Sweet and slightly tart with roasted notes at the base. The cup is light, somewhat brisk in taste but rings pleasant with zesty flavors of orange and coffee tannins. Delicious when sweetened and served over ice.

    • Aroma: Top notes of orange marmalade followed by deeper, richer notes of chocolate and nuts
    • Complements: All foods
    • Appearance: Dark Brown
    • Roast: Medium
    • Acidity: Fruity
    • Body: Medium - Full

    Nutritional Information

    1. Allow 1 tablespoon (7-8 grams) of coffee for each 120 ml of water in a French press.
    2. Pour hot water into the pot, and gently stir. Let it stand for 5 minutes.
    3. Press the plunger down slowly. Pour the coffee in a cup and serve.