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TGL Co. Monsoon Malabar AA Roasted Coffee Beans

A refreshing coffee that’s meant for all-day sipping.

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Net Weight: 200 g / 7.05 oz
  • Description

    About Monsoon Malabar AA Roasted Coffee Beans:

    Often, a coffee’s earthy mineral qualities extend into a lively freshness that’s quite pleasing to the palate. With this coffee, you experience just that and an almost dry Riesling-like finish which makes it all the more striking. It is made from beans processed in a unique Malabar style where they are exposed to monsoon rains and gusty winds for a long period of time, causing the beans to swell and turn exceptionally mellow.


    100% Arabica Coffee Beans

    Tasting Notes:

    Light and mostly earthy, revealing notes of fine mineral and chocolate towards the end and then some in the aftertaste. The cup has a light body, a well-rounded character, and a dry finish.

    • Aroma: Mellow and toasty, dotted with notes of nuts, biscuit, and earth
    • Appearance: Brown
    • Roast: Medium
    • Acidity: Mild-Medium
    • Body: Medium

    Nutritional Information