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TGL Co. Ice Wine White Tea

For the times when you need your own personal soundtrack to play in your head; this one is an eclectic orchestra of tropical fruits and flowers on a background of subtle green Sencha tea.

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  • Description

    About Ice Wine White Tea:

    This heady brew is surprisingly reminiscent of a gorgeous floral wine with a blend that boasts of rare White Downy tea leaves with fruity raisins, grape flavours and fragrant flowers.The rare and pristine White downy tea from China is an ethereal steep by itself; deceptively complex with clean, fresh notes. But when infused with raisins and grape flavouring this blend emerges in a new avatar, almost imitating a full bodied white wine. It is further streaked with floral notes from the blended rose, marigold and cornflower petals which produce a highly aromatic and pleasurable cup.

    Tasting Notes:

    Complex yet clean, this brew replicates a palatable imagery of a full-bodied wine with subtle overtones of floral flavours.

    • Aroma: Notable bouquet of wine with nuances of floral aroma and slight tang of fruity raisins
    • Complements: Vanilla ice-cream, brownies
    • Caffeine Content: Low
    • Appearance: Straw yellow

    Nutritional Information

  • Ingredients

    • roses roses
    • white downy white tea white downy white tea
    • raisins raisins
    • marigold marigold
    • cornflowers cornflowers
    • Allow 1 tsp of tea for each 150 ml of water
    • Bring the water to boil and then let it cool down to 70-80°C
    • Pour and leave to infuse for 2-3 minutes
    • Sieve and serve