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TGL Co. Colombian Excelso Roasted Coffee Beans

Bright, intense, and robust – it’s everything a good coffee should be.

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Net Weight: 200 g / 7.05 oz
  • Description

    About Colombian Excelso Roasted Coffee Beans:

    This coffee is from the central-eastern part of the river-run Huila region in Columbia. It’s called the ‘Excelso’ for the large size of the flat beans, which typically range between screen sizes of 15 and 16. In the cup, toasty, nutty and tropical flavors emerge strong but feel restrained, and that’s the beauty of this coffee. It is intense without being overwhelming, which makes it rather profound. Delicious as an espresso.


    100% Arabica Coffee Beans

    Tasting Notes:

    The cup starts out clean, delicately sweet and mellow, closely resembling watermelon rind. Deeper, more rounded notes of nuts and biscuit emerge around the middle, followed by tart-sweet notes of citrus and stone fruit. The cup has plenty of astringent tannins which give the coffee a robust character.

    • Aroma: Lifted notes of toasted nuts, graham crackers, dried apples, and stone fruit.
    • Appearance: Brown
    • Roast: Medium
    • Acidity: Lively
    • Body: Rich

    Nutritional Information