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Tea Beginner

30 pyramid tea bags per month

Let nothing interfere with your incessant love for tea. That should be a prioritea! But we understand how difficult it gets to make time for small things hence we decided to take care of this one for you.

We have curated subscription plans that cater to interests of tea lovers of all levels. We will ensure that your favourite TGL Teas get delivered to your doorstep regularly without you having to re-order. From comforting classics to seasonal specials, our evocative tea blends will greet you every month. Rest assured, you will receive only the finest and best of our handcrafted tea blends without compromising on the quality at any stage.

Tea caught your fancy and now you are ready to step up your game. Take your anticipated affair to a next level with this customised subscription.

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Why Subscribe?

  • Our subscription plans are introduced to let our customers benefit from the best of all worlds. You get to explore our tea blends before you pick your favourite.
  • We'll ship your favourite teas every month without you having to reorder. So that there’s one less thing for you to worry about!
  • Quick, easy sign up option and hassle free procedure to order your teas.
  • Great value for money. Subscribe for 6 months and avail a straight 10% discount on your subscription.
  • Special offers, inside updates and seasonal surprises delivered straight to your inbox. Be the first one to know!