Red Berries

Red Berries

Mild black tea from the Uwa Valley is blended with a mélange of berries to give sweet and tart bursts of flavour.


This berry-kissed tea is irresistible from the moment you first see it. Chunks of berries and strokes of blue cornflowers lazing over a canvas of long black tea leaves give it the appearance of a delightfully fragrant potpourri. And when you prepare the first brew, the mesmerising sweet aroma transports you to a verdant strawberry field with lush, juicy produce, dangling tantalisingly from every stem. Now take the first sip. Sweet, creamy and bursting with fruitiness from the heady blend of strawberries, cranberries, red currants, raspberries and cranberry leaves, this tea will send you spinning into reverie. The lightly oxidised black tea leaves give it an almost Oolong like mild flavour and creates a wonderful play with the berries. This is a brew of temptation and comfort. One of our favourites.


Black tea, cranberries, strawberries, red currants, raspberries, cranberry leaves, cornflowers, flavouring

prepare the perfect brew


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    Allow 1tsp of tea for each 150 ml of water.

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    Bring the water to boil and then let it cool down to 70-80°C.

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    Pour and leave to infuse for 2-3 minutes.

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    Sieve and serve.


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    Allow 1tsp of tea for each 100 ml of water.

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    Bring the water to boil and then let it cool down to 90°C

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    Pour and leave to infuse for 5 minute.

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    Sieve, cool down to room temperature, add ice cubes, honey/sugar and serve


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    Prepare the hot brew as instructed above in steps 1-3.

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    Sieve and allow it to cool down to room temperature.

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    Spike it with alcohol and other ingredients of your choice, add ice and serve.

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     To know more on specific recipes with this blend, click here.

the experience


Enticing aroma of refreshing berries and red currants


Reddish brown


This palatable infusion of black tea sings a berrilicious melody bursting with fruity and floral flavours of berries and red currants. This classic concoction with its mild yet noticeable flavours and covert traces of cream offer a well-rounded complete feel to the brew.


Red velvet cake, Asparagus and Steak



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