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Revive Your Senses With These Enchanting Teas

What do we live for? Food and drinks! These being an essential part of our life we need to be very careful in selecting what we drink or eat. It all acts as fuel to keep us going. Well, just like how a delicious meal a day makes our day, a cup of fragrant tea also does the same.

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Start-ups expect much more from Modi 2.0

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi all set to take up a second term in office, the mood in the start-up community can best be summed up as happy and hopeful.

Happy that the country will have a strong and stable government and hopeful that all the start-up initiatives introduced in the last five years will be executed efficiently over the next five.

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25 Mother’s Day gifts from Rs 500 to Rs 10,000 that your mom will definitely love

Ahead of Mother's Day, which is on May 12th i.e day after tomorrow, we have decided to round up an epic lineup of gifts for every type of mom. A word to the wise – flowers don't count as gifts. Now, that we've established that, here are 25 practical gifts for the most important woman in your life.

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These two professionals quit their corporate jobs for the love of tea

India might be a tea drinking nation, but there aren’t many who can tell their Darjeeling from their Oolong or the first from the second flush. What remains popular is the CTC, or the “crush, tear, curl”, variety where different teas are blended (or, rather, crushed, torn and curled) to make a uniform and standardized product. This powdery tea finds its way into millions (if not trillions) of cups and kulhads throughout India, mixed with milk, sugar and spices, providing that quintessentially Indian chai experience. It does taste good, but times are changing.

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Who Will Dominate India's Retail Segment?

Ever since technology has entered into our lives, we have witnessed a huge shift in the way people shop. The emergence of online retail has empowered customers to order anything and everything on a click. However, the trend has had negative ramifications on the traditional markets, putting a question mark on the future of retail in India. Numbers, though, suggest otherwise.

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Green Tea that Tastes like Mango Candy!

Explore TGL Co.’s curious and exotic tea varieties. There is also coffee.

Whether you’re a cutting-chai addict or a coffee connoisseur, the warmth of the first caffeine-rich sip melts all the worries away. Being a ‘chaikhor’, juggling between anti-oxidant rich green tea and rejuvenating masala chai, my interest was piqued when The Good Life Co (TGL Co) brought exotic tea blends and fresh coffees from different parts of the world for a tasting.

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Healthy Indulgences: The Secret Sauce to Success for a Hot Beverage Consumer Start-up in India

There are various phases involved in building on a start-up - from ideating to executing each stage is crucial in shaping the future of the company. One of the central steps in this process is researching – researching on the industry, the competitors, the legal processes involved and definitely the consumer behaviour.

Amongst all these stages, there is a step that involves analyzing how the market is segregated. This is an important part of research as these findings of this research helps the team understand which segment is more likely to purchase what products, and then work on a strategy to cater to each category. This part of the research involves analyzing consumption and spending patterns, income distribution and market category data for hot beverages in India.

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Valentine's Day 2019: Gift Ideas We Love For Her

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s all panic stations because you probably haven’t bought a gift for your lady love yet. You want her to know just how much you appreciate her, but don’t quite know how to express it? Fret not, we’ve got you covered. From Michael Kors satchels to quirky accessories, we've curated gift ideas for the woman in your life.

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Unkrate Exclusive: India Still Runs on Chai. However, the Colour is Changing – It’s Green, White and Black now

This morning, while having my breakfast, we ended up discussing with our families on how our tea drinking habits have drastically changed. There was a time, when our fathers would easily gulp down 5-6 cups of tea, just to remain active. It is more like your body needs refueling, he said. My wife exclaimed that she has brought down her consumption to just one cup a day, thereby saving the world her wrath! (Or Not!) What more? My bestie, a true Tea lover now has boxes of flavored green, white and black teas stacked up at home and swears by it. I myself had a bad habit of not stepping out my home without getting my daily dose of ‘kadak chai’. Now, green tea is what gets me going through the day. It is not just my friend or me but many people I know have made a switch from traditional milk tea to the modern teas. What is the reason behind this change? Is it entirely true?

Team Unkrate caught up with leading Tea Brands and Tea Cafes in India to get these answers. Let’s find out!

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TGL Company Forays into Luxury Coffee Segment; Looking for its Retail Expansion

The Indian tea and coffee market is growing rapidly and is expected to touch Rs 25,000 Crore by 2021, of which coffee constitutes Rs 5,000 Crore. Sensing potential growth in this sector, TGL Co. (The Good Life Company), a luxury tea company have forayed into the luxury coffee segment. They have classified their coffee into four collections – International, Indian, Flavoured and Instant Coffees.

TGL Co. a 15-month-old Indian start-up has expanded rapidly in the B2B segment with its teas now available at more than 160 hotels, restaurants and cafes across nine cities including popular properties such as Taj Hotels, Hyatt Regency, Westin, SOFITEL, The Lalit, Yauatcha, Hakkasan, Smoke House Deli, Theobroma, Fatty Bao and more.

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