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The Duo Who Made Sipping Tea a Harmony on the Palate

At a tasting session by TGL, I was amazed not just by the aroma and blend but I couldn’t decide whether I wish to drink the tea or want to keep it as a potpourri. A tea with such great blend is not just quite unique in its appearance, it also shows the marvel on the part of the duo behind the venture of their ability of putting flavours and botanicals right. Whether it is the naming of different teas like Mogo-mogo, a green tea, which is their current best-seller or my personal favouite, strawberry and cream, the infusion of the finest teas is nothing less than enriching. When you taste and smell you get the reverence of strawberry cream as a desert and you don’t have to indulge in the calories as it’s less than 6 calories a cup.

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Who Will Dominate India's Retail Segment?

Ever since technology has entered into our lives, we have witnessed a huge shift in the way people shop. The emergence of online retail has empowered customers to order anything and everything on a click. However, the trend has had negative ramifications on the traditional markets, putting a question mark on the future of retail in India. Numbers, though, suggest otherwise.

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Healthy Indulgences: The Secret Sauce to Success for a Hot Beverage Consumer Start-up in India

There are various phases involved in building on a start-up - from ideating to executing each stage is crucial in shaping the future of the company. One of the central steps in this process is researching – researching on the industry, the competitors, the legal processes involved and definitely the consumer behaviour.

Amongst all these stages, there is a step that involves analyzing how the market is segregated. This is an important part of research as these findings of this research helps the team understand which segment is more likely to purchase what products, and then work on a strategy to cater to each category. This part of the research involves analyzing consumption and spending patterns, income distribution and market category data for hot beverages in India.

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