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Give it a chai? Rare teas are making inroads as tasting shots, tiny batches

At The Good Life Company’s (TGLC) outlet in Sofitel, BKC, you sample teas in shot glasses before buying. Co-founder Bhuman Dani will explain where each tea comes from and what goes into each blend.

"Geisha is a mix of Chinese sencha, Chinese bancha and Japanese kukicha , all rare and not commonly available in India," he explains.

Alisha D’costa, 22, a student from Bandra tried TGLC’s teas at the AKA Bistro in Kala Ghoda. She was intrigued by the fruits and berries they contained.

"Their Shou Mei tea which is Chinese white tea, for instance, has notes of mango and pineapple," she says. The restaurant also stocks oolongs with bits of dried mango and orange, perfect for beginners.

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