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What your choice of tea says about you?

You can go through books after books that'll tell you why you need to drink one kind of tea over all others. Some better known for their exuberance and cup complexities, others for their antioxidants, amino acids and more such body-benefitting goodness.

As much attention as is paid to choosing teas for their inherent cup characteristics and lyrical flavour profiles, very little is devoted to teas that match personal tastes and inclinations.

For, the tea we might choose to consume every day is the most important tea in our lives. It is a tea possibly more meaningful to us than all others, too. And the one that cements our relationship with every other tea, including the ones that promise to stretch our minds and enhance our daily cups. It is that tea that defines us, our tastes and also preferences and, to a fairly modest extent, suggests our personalities, too.

We empathize with this point of view and believe that drinking teas that favour the familiar are an honest expression of preferences and personalities.

Read on to find out what your choice of tea says about your personality.


Black Tea

Made from high-fired, oxidized tea leaves, black tea can easily pass for a person marked by a bold character and lots of exuberance. Easily the most accommodating tea there is, black tea is, also, the tea for all moods and musings. Popular and a universal favourite, at that!

Your kind of black tea: Imperial Earl Grey.


White Tea

Made from the season's first pickings, white tea is the purest kind of tea there is. It is also marked by freshness and delicate form but one ample with nature's goodness, thus representing a vulnerable character. Simple but flexible and accommodating, white tea is the one that throws up possibilities like no other.

Your kind of white tea: White Bud Yin Zhen.


Green Tea

Personified, green tea would be a realist and a purist at heart. Made by firing freshly plucked leaves at high temperature, green tea is tea processed to represent the leaf's most natural form. It's a product of its conditioning and shores up just that when cupped. Nothing more, nothing less.

Your kind of green tea: Gunpowder: Temple of Heaven.


Oolong Tea

Focused, thorough and practical - that's oolong tea if it were a person. A tea that stands at the golden mean between a black tea and a green, oolongs are characteristically diverse. However, these teas are also marked by singularly unique character traits that, while they draw on others, are quite distinct and stand on their own.

Your kind of oolong tea: Orange & Mango Oolong.


Chai Tea

Made by simmering black tea nuggets and warm spices in richly sweetened milk, chai is wholesome, soul-warming and a drink brimming with good vibes. It's that thing that's there with you in both good moments and bad comforting you and filling you as much with courage as energy.

Your kind of chai tea: Bombay Cutting Chai.


Blended Tea

If you are someone who favors a good blend, especially a straight tea blend, over all others, yours will easily qualify as a personality that's believably flexible and spirited. Blend tea drinkers are imaginative, adapt easily and have an endearing quality about them; all hallmark traits of a well-blended tea.

Your kind of blended tea: Kashmiri Saffron Kahwa.


Floral Tea

Floral teas are best known for being soothing, uncomplex and full of endearing characteristics. Added, flowers can make enjoyable the most mediocre of teas and that's saying something about their potential.

Your kind of floral tea: China Jasmine.


Fruity Tea

Spiked with fruits, a cup of tea transforms, flavor-wise and energy-wise. Fruity teas are known for their vitality, creative expression, and fun character. If you are one to swear by a fruit-flavored tipple, yours is a personality that's easy going, fun and quite enticing, no doubt.

Your kind of tea: Mogo Mogo.



Lovers of tisane are known to be insightful creatures; people who seek meaning in everything that you do and aren't afraid to explore the depths of life. Just how a tisane tries to strives for meaning and purpose, your personality expresses nothing less.

You kind of tea: Miracle Mint.

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