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Ways to detox during Corona lockdown - including a trip to Kashmir

By Gunjan Singh,Operations Manager at TGL Co.

The world seems to be at a standstill these days. It’s day ‘lost-the-count-since-I-am-at-home-social-distancing'. Having lived in Mumbai and being used to its fast-paced life, the decision of moving to my hometown for COVID-19 lockdown wasn’t an easy one. While the initial few days were difficult, I must admit that I have come to enjoy staying at home now.

Until now, the idea of detoxing myself from this super busy life only meant flying to the Himalayas; or to Kashmir. To immerse myself in the serene views, cold mountains and experience the Heaven on Earth first hand! 

But, but, but God had other plans. He wanted me to detox from home! 

And that’s when mommy dearest came to my rescue. Although travelling to Kashmir was not possible, how about transporting to Kashmir? That too in a teacup? Of course, yes! And apparently, it’s one of the finest ways to detox yourself naturally! That’s all it took, a warm refreshing cup of Kashmiri Saffron Kahwa Green Tea. Right from sourcing the purest of Saffron native to Kashmir, to rose petals which remind of a bouquet of adornment, this tea is love! It’s only when you take a sip of something so comforting and understand every note, is when you realise that nature always has the best of best to offer! This cup of Kashmiri Saffron Kahwa Green Tea, with mesmerizing fragrance of real Saffron accompanied by floral bouquet of rose petals which greet you at the first whiff, further awakens your senses with inviting piquant notes of Indian spices.

In addition to enjoying a warm comforting cup of green tea for detox, here are my two cents on other ways to detox while enjoying the home-stay!

Never skip breakfast

A lot has been said about it, and we’re saying it again. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and prepares your body to take the severity of the day ahead. Compliment your breakfast with your favourite hot beverage: be it a steaming cup of coffee or the ‘kadak’ chai!

Dial down to zero

Take time to just be! Brew a cup of soothing green tea and indulge in the moment. Be it simply looking at the clouds floating up, going for a walk on your terrace or striking a conversation with a loved one.

Know that less is more

When it comes to what goes inside your body, know that less is more, which means no oils, no artificial essences, no food colours and no added preservatives (no matter how delectable they seem). And if you cannot resist, don’t forget to detox generously with some green teas.

Outsmart your smartphone

Instead of looking at what people are eating on Instagram, read a book, or try a new recipe in your kitchen. Needless to mention - The Dalgona Coffee. P.S.- It is very easy to make.

Be close to nature

Nature holds the best therapies to detox. Disconnect from the mundane, de-stress yourself and reconnect with nature! Include natural and organic ingredients in your diet wherever possible. Grow your own microgreens. Plant a seed, nurture it and let it grow.



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