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This Diwali, gift better!

These days, the arrival of a holiday or a holiday season is marked by the flood of gift guides that find their way into our inboxes and social media feeds. Each guide coded anew with spilling suggestions for what makes the best gift for a Diwali or a Christmas, featuring a selection of some pretty little things and sometimes experiences that, in return, offer the promise of happy recipients and happier gift givers.

Choosing a memorable gift for Diwali, however, ends up being a more challenging task. And while gifts guides and holiday gifting suggestions from social media are all well and good, choosing great gifts, choosing gifts that your people with love and cherish, demands one to look beyond the latest gifting trend of the year.

Avoid the obvious Diwali Gifts:

Gifts like dry fruits, nuts, chocolates, and silver coins wrapped in a fuchsia butter-paper lined cardboard box are a thing of the past. If anything, these are the kinds of Diwali gifts that get tossed around from one person to another, rarely ever ending up with someone who’ll enjoy any of it. And that’s because these gifts are holiday-obvious. These are gifts you buy in bulk. These are gifts bought for some who just shows up. These Diwali gifts are not thoughtful. And they are certainly not creative.

Your gift to a person is an expression of how you think about them. So, when this person in question is a special someone, you’ll want to put in the effort at a standout gift that they’ll keep, love, cherish and remember you by. That’s the only way gifting should work. Or less, not at all.

Diwali is a great time to gift creatively

Enchanting Ensemble Tea Gift Box for Diwali Gifting

This is one holiday that demands great gifting. Diwali is an occasion of indulgences – little ones and the grand ones – and anything that’s off-the-shelf does not (and will not) quite cut it. So, there’s merit in thinking about who you are gifting and their tastes and preferences.

Not sure how you should go about it?

Let’s say you are gifting to someone who loves the finer things in life but shy to shop. Diwali is the perfect occasion to buy them something that’s just the perfect amount of over-the-top and something they may not buy for themselves right away. If this is a person, say, who loves a good experience, box them a DIY kit or get them a bespoke selection of teas that they can immerse themselves into for hours at stretch. Make it more personal with a handwritten note, and you have yourself the most thoughtful, creative Diwali gift imaginable.

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The one Diwali gift that works for the whole list

Giving great gift, especially during Diwali, is an art and we understand that not everyone can find the time or the energy to put together ultra-creative gifts.

Which is why we rely on tea and coffee to save the day.

Healthy Diwali Gift

For everyone gathered around your coffee table, including the occasional friend, a long-distance relative, a new office colleague, and everyone in between too, drinkables like tea and coffee make one of the most thoughtful gifts instantly. Here’s why.

  1. There is a tea and a coffee to match every taste
    Given that the spectrum of tea spans from lightweight and ethereal white teas to bold and brisk blacks, you are sure to find a tea that speaks to the tea lover in your circle. Same with coffee, all with the many styles of roasting and grinding that’s possible with the bean.

  2. Everyone wakes up to caffeine
    Most mornings and meals across most homes and offices begin with the pouring of the tea or the freshly brewed coffee from the pot. And the gift of tea and coffee promises the gift of a great start to their day.

  3. Tea and coffee make uncommon Diwali gifts
    Talk about unique! Fine tea and coffee are gourmet foods that can add magic to everyday drinking experiences. Choose a good blend, and you’d have solved for creativity and ingenuity, too. Both tea and coffee are shelf-easy and portable, as well.

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Imperial Treasure Gift Box

TGL gifts: Curated selection of teas and coffee, in beautiful festive boxes

This Diwali, you can pick from our curated selection of 8 Diwali gifts, each packed with an assortment of delicious brews. Should you prefer, you can even customize a box with teas and coffees of your choice, and if you planning to gift one as a corporate gift, have us impress your brand logo on the box sleeve. Bright, festive and fitting with modern tastes and preferences, the gift of fine drinkables is sure to please your people this Diwali season.

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