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Second Sunday of May is Mother’s Day. And we’ve figured out the most perfect gift for moms

What do you gift someone who doesn’t really need anything?

Mother’s Day shopping is always tricky. And we get that. This is a person who deserves nothing less than the most perfect gift in the world and nothing that’s off-the-shelf or a gift guide quite cuts it.

(No pressure!)

This year, we put our heads together to collect inspiration on gifts moms are sure to love. And every time the conversation kept turning to gifting personal ‘experiences’ than ‘things’. We figured moms everywhere crave some time, whether it is with their kids, families or just some ‘me’ time of their own. And personal gifts are every mom’s favorite. Nothing is more personal than quality time with the people she loves, including herself, and that’s the emotion we drew on to put together this simple list of fail-safe, uber-personal experiences that moms everywhere are sure to love this Mother’s Day.

Kick-off the day with her favorite breakfast

Pull out the biggest tray you can find in her kitchen and load it up with her favorite breakfast things – her choice of cereal, fruit, tea or coffee – everything! You know how she takes her morning meal, but on Mother’s Day, let her wake up to the smell of a delicious breakfast prepared with love by her favorite people, topped off with some of her beloved tea/coffee and a rose bud vase.

TGL recommends: Morning Motivation Instant Coffee, for a hearty and refreshing start to her day.

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Delight her with things that relax

Sign her up for a day at the spa, gift a book by her favorite author, or a subscription to a thing she absolutely loves – this is the day to go all out and get moms to melt into their most relaxed selves. Up the ante and set her up with some special tea to help her rejuvenate and focus.

TGL recommends: Spa Delight, a tea that’s sublime, smells divine and is just the tops.

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Let her detox & have some ‘me’ time

While flowers, chocolates, and jewelry are all well and good, nothing makes a mom happy like some quiet, ‘me’ time. This Mother’s Day, let her just be. Take care of the chores of the day for her and let her sit back, let down her hair, and relax, perhaps curled up with a good book, Netflix and some good tea.

TGL recommends: Lemon Detox Green Tea. Feels like a Riesling, only nicer and much easier on the senses.

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Have her closest people for an evening of conversations and tea

Give her the gift of good company this Mother’s Day. Have her connect with close friends, parents, and cousins, and let the conversations happen over ample cups of their favorite tea. Top off the tables with some good food, a karaoke machine, some board games and playing cards, and see the revelries unfold. There’s no doubt you’ll be her favorite person of the day once you pull off an evening as fun and wonderful as this.

TGL recommends: Bridesmaids Bouquet. A box full of teas suited to evenings and lazy conversations.

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Set up a dinner table spilling with good things

For the finale, pull out the big guns and set up the dining table with her favorite dinner things – food and people included. Surprise her with delicious meals cooked by you. But meals brought over from her best restaurants will do just as well. Be sure to light up the dining area with some scented candles and soft fairy lights, and have her all-time favorite songs play in the background. Retreat with a cup of light tea and gooey desserts, and merrily while away the hours in her company.

TGL recommends: Mogo Mogo Green Tea. A decadent dessert tea that’s sensational with all things sweet.

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