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5 delicious TGL teas to cool off with this summer season

Summer’s here and if you are anything like us, chances are you are constantly reaching out for things that’ll keep you feeling cool and refreshed – breezy cottons, sun hats, and, of course, icy cool drinks.

And while the idea of walking around with a flute of wine is amorous, spritzers are best left for garden parties, hot afternoons, and serious evening dinners. Also, some summer days just call for something more than a tall glass of sugary soda. Summers are a time to drink a lot and drink guilt-free.

Enter tea.

Among the few beverages in the world, tea can standalone on all occasions and all hours of a summer day. It’s in the nature of tea to refresh – even when you drink it hot, tea surprisingly has the ability to cool your body down, relax the senses and get your energy levels going. Cooled and chilled, it doesn’t quite lose its character and can stand up to the cold, which makes it an ideal beverage for those ultra-hot summer days when your energy just drops as the mercury soars. No wonder the most popular summertime beverage in the world is the iced tea!

This summer, if you find yourself needing a light and refreshing drink but want to avoid the calorie-induced guilt, make yourself some tea. Top it off with some ice, fresh fruit and mint, and have yourself a merry-little treat to ease into those hot sun-streaked days.

Here are our favorite summertime teas that’ll see you through these next few mornings, all the way till midnight, like a breeze.

5 of our classics reimagined as summer drinks

  1. For morning pick-me-ups

    No matter the weather outside, mornings demand caffeine. And nothing can quite replace the wholesome goodness that is a cup of freshly-made chai. This summer, if you need to make your morning cuppa a refreshing one, top off your brew with some green cardamom and ginger –  two deliciously refreshing ingredients that’ll lessen the heaviness of the chai instantly.

    Our Pick: TGL Co. Bombay Cutting Chai – A CTC blend featuring decorticated cardamom pods and dry ginger

  2. For a mid-day boost

    As the temperature outside begins to rise, brew yourself a kegful of green tea and park it on your table. Greens are, hands down, the most refreshing kind of tea there are. They are light, crisp, and full of body-loving antioxidants which enhance the metabolism and enliven the senses. Also, green tea accommodates just about any ingredient there is, from herbs to spice to sweet fruit and everything else in between, too. Consumed hot or cold, green tea, even just with a dollop of honey and a squeeze of lime, will see you through the hot and humid days, feelinglight and thoroughly refreshed.

    Our pick: TGL Co. Mountain Glory Green Tea– A whole leaf green tea from Assam with rich vegetal flavors.

  3. Something for the hot afternoons

    Nothing quite agonizes as the summer heat. And for those white-hot summer days, Earl Grey is the tea to rely on. Although a black tea, it’s blended with bergamot fruit extract, which, upon brewing, emits an intoxicating aroma that captures the senses good in its lemony garb and gently mellows your heat-induced troubles. We love our Earl Greys sweet and cold-brewed and recommend preparing a batch the night before.

    Our pick:TGL Co. Imperial Earl Grey– A fragrant blend of black tea and oil of bergamot.

  4. A breezy pick for the evenings

    The last thing you want to do after a long day’s work is to hover over a kitchen cabinet wondering what to pour yourself. It’s too early for wine, too late for beer and chai is just too much work. Evening drinks, especially in summers, ought to be undemanding and thankfully putting a kettle of water on stovetop is easy. Just toss in some detox tea, wait a few minutes, inhale, sip and that’s it.

    Our pick:TGL Co. Indian Detox– A reviving infusion of green tea, ginger and lemongrass.

  5. For all-day indulgences

    Teas for the summertime should be light, easygoing, and refreshing. Something that can be consumed by the mugful every so frequently without worrying about the caffeine or the calories. And for that there’s tisanes. Tea-free and sans caffeine, botanical-rich tisanes are the easiest way to ensure you drink better and healthier. As for summer-friendly botanicals, mint, chamomile and lemongrass are our top picks.

    Our pick:TGL Co. Miracle Mint– A blend of refreshing mint leaves, perfect with a dollop of honey and lime.

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