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5 best teas that’ll put spring in your ‘steep’

There are two kinds of people in this world – those who get to enjoy spring and its splendor and those who merely muse over the idea of romancing the kind of spring you read about in George Eliot novels.

Regardless of the true outside, spring has a way of showing up in its own sweet ways. The air outside turns warm, the sun becomes bright if not caustic, and slowly but gradually there’s a lot more green than grey for the eye enjoy. But spring truly manifests, and in all its glory, in our choice of food, the clothes we wear, and all the many indulgences we treat ourselves to during the weeks leading up to summer. Long-sleeved cardigans are tossed for light cottons; peonies trump pinstripes, mulled-wine makes way for rosé, and Sundays start getting earmarked for outdoor brunches. That’s spring for you, alright!

Seemingly enough, this is a season for lighter and peppier choices. So why shouldn’t this, then, translate into the tea you drink?

Now, this is not to say that you turn a blind eye (or the nose) to your usual choice of tea. Because sometimes, no matter the weather or the mood, it is all that’ll do to cajole the senses. But, when the conditions around you are screaming spring, a season that passes us by all too quickly, why shouldn’t the joys of it translate into our daily cuppa if it’ll get us to enjoy the season a little bit more?

5 must-try springtime teas

In the spirit of renewal and reviving old habits, we are turning you in the direction of excitement and new discoveries this spring. Tea flavors we believe will better complement the spread on your table as well as the general mood this season. Basically, flavors that’ll make your springtime sipping, mornings to midnight, a lot more ‘spring-ier’ and get you enjoying the season, its colors, and general benevolence a little bit more.

1. Something with orange

The days when the sun is out and about, the cup demands flavors that’ll tepid the sun and get you feeling refreshed. Orange is the quintessential springtime fruit and unlike a slice of lemon, does not jar your senses with citrus hits.

Our tea for the season: Orange & Mango Oolong

What to expect from it: A light cup but one that’s incredibly fresh tasting. Besides the citrus and candy-like notes, look for subtle hints of anise in the tea. This, along with an earthy undercurrent that comes off the oolong tea, dishes up the sweetness of the fruits ever so elegantly.

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2. Something that screams ‘yellow’

Yellow is the color of the season. And also, the color of most spring grown teas. But nothing sells indulgence like excess. And so, we don’t just settle for yellow; we love our cups bright, golden and gleaming as the spring sun.

Our tea of the season: Kashmiri Saffron Kahwa

What to expect from it: Apart from a rich amber-colored brew, revel in the dessert-like fragrance of rose, cardamom, and saffron that’s typical to a Kashmiri kahwa. The cup is just the right amount of sweet to arrest the warmth of the spices and strong enough for some mid-day sipping.

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3. Something brunch-friendly

If it’s one of those afternoons when you want to ‘really’ soak in the bright, sunny and lush vista that is naturally furnished outside your windows, toss the tipple for some fruit-infused tea.

Our tea of the season: Hawaiian Cocktail

What to expect from it: Well, it’s almost port-like in its fragrance but tastes a lot juicer and smoother. Papaya and raisin marry beautifully with the acidic black tea to produce a decadent and strong-tasting brew. A great substitute for wine if making sangria this spring.

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4. Something fruity

Spring is the beginning of fruit season everywhere. But instead of just digging your teeth into one, steep a cup of fruit-based tea to enhance the enjoyment of your favorite fruit this season.

Our tea of the season: Mogo Mogo

What to expect from it: A burst of tropical fruit flavors. Crisp notes of melon, plantain and guava juice emerge strong, but the undercurrent of sweetness from the mango mellows the vegetal flavors of the base green tea beautifully. This tea is delicious even when served iced.

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5. Something sweet and floral

Yes. Nothing screams spring like a garden full of flowers and their intoxicating fragrances. And while tea can be equally perfumy on its own, nothing quite matches, or comes close, to the experience of a dreamy lavender-scented or a rose flavored tea on a beautiful spring day.

Our tea of the season: Sparkling Strawberry

What to expect from it: Flavors that’ll make a glutton of your soul. Luscious notes of strawberry dominate the cup, met, towards the end, by dreamy notes of flower oils. Best enjoyed as a dessert accompaniment.

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